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shoplifting attorney columbusShoplifting is one of those things that many more people have committed than we will ever know of, but for the individuals who have been caught doing so a charge of theft can be a serious impetus to future success and a trap door in an advancing career. The Ohio Revised Code refers to this crime directly as theft and it can wreak havoc on your future. An experienced Columbus Ohio shoplifting attorney can help prevent one small mistake from these devastating consequences.

7 Penalties For Shoplifting in Ohio

1. Restitution

A common outcome in Ohio theft cases is for the convicted individual to pay restitution to the owner of the stolen property. Regardless of criminal punishment, you may also face civil charges that lead to paying back the value of these stolen goods.

2. Community Service

Community service hours may also be required in addition to or in place of jail time or probation. A specified amount of time will have to complete through an approved agency and within a certain amount of time.

3. Court Costs and Fines

In addition to court costs, you may also face a significant fine in consequence of your shoplifting conviction which may exceed the value of the stolen property.

4. Jail Time

If this is a first theft charge, jail time may be avoidable. However, if there is a prior offense or if the amount stolen was significant, it’s likely you’ll face time in jail or prison.

5. Probation

Regardless of jail or prison time, you could also be looking at a conditional control period under the supervision of a probation officer. This may require you to remain employed or attend school while regularly checking in with your assigned officer while not partaking in drugs or alcohol under reinforcement of substance screenings or completion of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Failure to comply with probation requirements could result in additional consequences.

6. Criminal Record

Long after your offense, having this on your background can follow for a lifetime. Landlords, employers, colleges, and loan providers all will view this on your record, making you look untrustworthy or unfit, increasing the difficulty of finding a good job, a reasonable place to live, or afford expenses on important things such as schooling.

7. Denial of Jobs or Licenses

A theft conviction can prohibit you completely from certain jobs or professions. One could be barred completely from bank or governments jobs as well as professional licenses in law or the medical field. Having an accomplished criminal theft defense lawyer such as Sallynda Rotchchild Dennison can help avoid penalties from devastating your life.

Columbus Shoplifting Lawyer

Columbus theft lawyer

If you’ve been accused of shoplifting in Columbus, Ohio, you need an experienced attorney to review your case and guide you through the best course of action.

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