No Operators License and Driving Under Suspension Lawyer

No operators license (No Ops) and driving under suspension (DUS) are typically very underrated criminal charges for people in Columbus when they think of the type of case they would need to hire an attorney for.

Driving Under Suspension Lawyer

What Is The Penalty For Driving Without A License or Driving While Suspended?

No Ops and DUS are actually surprisingly severe traffic offenses. Each is a first-degree misdemeanor in Ohio punishable by:

  • a maximum sentence of a $1000 dollar fine,
  • 180 days in jail,
  • five years probation,
  • and further suspension of your driving privileges depending on your driving record and the court’s discretion.
  • This does not include additional fees levied separately in the form of reinstatement fees.
  • The penalties become more severe and the fees higher with multiple offenses.


Avoid The Mistake of Representing Yourself In a No Ops or DUS Case

With all the penalties understood, it may surprise you that many people charged with these offenses choose to represent themselves or use a public defender. Many times on first offenses, courts will levy a small fine and put you on probation. No big deal right? Wrong! If you haven’t addressed the underlying issue of why your license is invalid in the first place, you’re setting yourself up for a vicious cycle.

The perception is that since “it’s just a traffic case” or “a ticket” it’s not that big a deal.

A Typical Driving Under Suspension Scenario:

  1. Jim picks up a speeding ticket.
  2. Jim forgets about it and doesn’t pay the waiver so his license gets suspended.
  3. Jim gets pulled over again and now he’s charged with DUS.
  4. Jim goes to court, represents himself and pleads guilty because he figures it was his fault.
  5. Jim owes money to the court and the BMV.
  6. Jim can’t drive or walk to work. Taking an Uber adds up and money is already an issue.
  7. Jim figures he’ll just drive and be careful for a few weeks until he can get this all straightened out.
  8. Jim gets pulled over again. When a police officer runs the tags on his car and finds out they come back to a suspended driver.
  9. Jim is back in court.
  10. Jim starts thinking he should talk to a lawyer because the judge is talking jail time and big fines.


Columbus Traffic Violation Attorney

no operators license lawyerHad Jim contacted an attorney from the beginning, he likely could have gotten his initial case dismissed by following our advice and letting us work the case. Most times, my fees are easily covered just in the expenses I can save my clients down the road. You may think you don’t need or can’t afford an attorney for your traffic case but the reality is you can’t afford to NOT have an attorney! Consult with me before making any decisions on a traffic case, even a first offense.


Don’t deal with a traffic violation on your own. Contact Columbus criminal defense attorney Sallynda Rothchild Dennison for a free consultation and to help you get the best possible outcome in your situation.



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