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Hello.  I would like to thank Columbus DUI Attorney Sallynda Rothchild Dennison for allowing me to share my story here on her law firm’s blog.  Although I will not use my name, my experience is real and this tale is true.

A DUI Attorney Could Have Saved Me Thousands and Enabled Me to Make Thousands More in Income

Columbus DUI AttorneyI am happy to say that very recently I met with no more road blocks at the Ohio BMV and was able to get my ODL, or “Ohio Drivers License”, after four years of not having a drivers license!  I can barely begin to say how embarrassing and detrimental not having my Ohio drivers license was and how much it held me back professionally, socially, and in developing relationships.  Not having my Ohio drivers license for so long limited my growth in all aspects of my life.  I regret the fact that I did not hire a DUI attorney; that is why I am writing this blog, if you are considering hiring a DUI Attorney, look at these facts and decide for yourself.

Finding a Good Job without An Ohio Drivers’ License

Over the four year period, I was turned down for two very good positions in my field because I did not have an Ohio driver’s license.  I would have had my own office!  I was practically hired for a job in Grandview for a position that I have years of experience in when the question of having an ODL was asked.  When I could not say yes to that simple question, the face of my future employer dropped, the hiring process stopped, and before I knew it I was out of that office and outside on the street.

“Call me when you have your driver’s license, there is nothing I can do. I’m sorry.”

I should have called a Columbus DUI lawyer right then but I kept thinking that I can handle it myself.

The Cost of a DUI Attorney is Far Less Than the Cost of Going it Alone, In My Experience!

I could have made thousands more a year if I only had my ODL, looking at things in hindsight. I can see that if I had paid for a DUI lawyer right away they could have handled my case quickly and professionally, allowing me to get the job I wanted.  Instead, it drew out, I suffered through terrible jobs and paying fine after heavy fine, never knowing my options, never having someone on my side.  The type of jobs I got never paid enough to pay my fines and I just got deeper into trouble. The fact of the matter is if I would have paid a DUI Lawyer in Columbus right away it would not only have saved me money, it would have saved me my relationships, my professional career, and my professional progress.

You Can Afford the Cost of a Columbus DUI Lawyer

Do not make the mistake that I made by thinking that I could not afford a DUI lawyer!  Sallynda Rothchild Dennison is a DUI Lawyer in Columbus who accepts payment plans.   You can keep your life on track while handling your DUI quickly and as respectably as possible.  Getting a DUI in Columbus is never easy, but I found that going through it alone was a hundred times more expensive and frustrating.  If I would have hired an experienced DUI lawyer they could have guided me through the process and fought for my rights;   I would have been a lot further along in my life than I am right now.

Don’t Let DUI Consequences Ruin Your Life

I fought an uphill battle for a long time. Fighting blind, I made many legal mistakes and was blindsided by legal requests on numerous occasions.  I would like to say though that I now see things with much more clarity than I did four years ago.  I still regret not hiring a DUI lawyer in Columbus back then, it could have saved me from years of hard labor, low wage jobs, lost relationships, and long, long bike rides in the rain.

A DUI Can be the Beginning of the Best part of Your Life!

I know through experience that this is a hard time in your life, a reflective time, possibly a monumental moment of change.  It was for me.  I do not regret the DUI as much as I regret letting the effects of the DUI linger for so long; I should have handled it quickly and professionally.  Having met Columbus DUI lawyer Sallynda Rothchild Dennison I can attest that she truly cares about her clients in a way that you rarely see among lawyers and attorneys.  She is non-judgmental and fights for her clients at every step of the way, inspecting every angle of the case to ensure that your rights have been protected and are protected.

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Thank you and best of luck.

This blog is not to be construed as legal advice. For legal advice consult an attorney.

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