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Columbus bus stops Defense Attorney

For many folks out there in need of legal defense, the challenges of transportation can make the process feel like an uphill battle. Some may not have access to personal transportation or perhaps they’ve lost their driving privileges as a result of their current legal situation. With the convenient location of our office and the help of the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA), we’ll discover a transit solution for you, whether on foot or on bike. Discover: bus stops to defense attorney Sallynda Rothchild Dennison.

COTA Bus Stops to Sallynda Dennison Defense Attorney

With our offices centrally located at 88 E. Broad St. in Columbus, finding a convenient way here is even easier with COTA’s Online Trip PlannerUse this link to find stops near you. COTA provides bike racks on the front of each bus, making access even more available to everybody in the Columbus area.

Using COTA Bike Racks

Loading Your Bike Onto The Bus Rack

  1. COTA bus stops Defense Attorney Sallynda Rothchild DennisonRemove loose items attached to bike
  2. Signal the bus driver that you want to load your bike
  3. Load from curbside after bus stops
  4. Use handle to release and lower rack
  5. Position bike on rack’s wheel wells
  6. Secure support arm over front bike tire

Unloading Your Bike From The Bus Rack

  1. Remind bus driver about unloading at your stop
  2. Remove support arm and remove bike
  3. Fold up bike rack if empty
  4. Signal bus driver you have removed your bike



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