Arrest Warrants Lawyer

Arrest Warrants Lawyer

Having a warrant out for your arrest is a very serious matter. Any contact with law enforcement will probably result in you being taken to jail immediately! A person who becomes aware that there is a warrant for their arrest should contact my office without delay. Warrants are one of the main reasons my phones are answered live 24/7.

Why Would I Have A Warrant Out For My Arrest?

There is a variety of reasons that can cause a warrant to be issued. Failing to appear for a scheduled court appearance, even if the client is unaware that they had a pending court date is one way. Some complaints, especially those of violence or a high level felony where the state feels there is an immediate need to protect the public or specific “victim”. Domestic violence cases where the accused are not present to be arrested are practically always filed by warrant. I have been named in the Columbus Ohio City Attorney’s office annual report for my high volume Domestic Violence Warrant set-asides. Probation Violations are commonly filed by warrant as well. ¬†Failing to appear for court on a recognizance bond in a felony case in Franklin County is routinely indicted.

Have A Warrant, Speak To A Defense Lawyer First!

What is surprising is the number of people over the years who contact my office having decided that it’s a forgone conclusion they need to turn themselves in, or having already turned themselves and now needing an attorney to get them out of jail. If you become aware that you have a warrant, your first move is to contact a criminal defense lawyer like myself and assess your options. Upon consultation, it might be determined that the warrant could be set aside. Many times I can approach the judge on your case or the prosecutor and make arrangements to advance the case without my client going to jail! Normally I can save my client a significant portion of my fee in bail bonds they don’t have to pay.

There are so many variables with handling a warrant that an individual evaluation of your case is the only way to determine the best course of action. Time is of the essence as well, being proactive is looked at very favorably by the courts. Contact my office as soon as possible so we can work together to protect your freedom.

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