Alternative Transportation in Columbus

Alternative Transportation in Columbus

20 years ago losing one’s license was a big deal, nowadays not having one is the new preferable way of life. Amongst rideshare services like Uber and Lyft, increased quality of public transportation, bike sharing, bike riding lanes… many people CHOOSE to not drive – and thrive!

Savings from Not Driving a Car

Alternative Transportation Columbus CommuteThrive? Yes, you read that correctly. The money saved from not driving is considerable and adds up to about the cost of a World Traveling experience. In fact, many studies show just how much you can save from not owning a car, including a 2017 study from AAA.

Obviously, there is a BIG DIfference between saving from not owning a car and not having a license to drive your car that still requires loan payments and car insurance.

Considering that you’ve come to read this article on our website, it’s likely that in your case you may have fines and fees to pay off, but at least you will save it by not driving.


Columbus Transportation Alternatives

Commuting Alternatives in Columbus Transportation


Why not seize the opportunity to get a breath of fresh air. Walking is just healthy and can be therapeutic after an event such as an unwelcomed court date.

Adapt your commute to enjoy Columbus’s walking routes. You can also combine your walk with any of the following options.


Got a bicycle? Swap out your route with a bike path with detailed information on Columbus’s many bike routes on


For as little as $7 per month or $8 per full-day use, you can be on your way with a membership or pass with Columbike or CoGo Bikeshare.


Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) makes it easy to get around Columbus without a car with their Online Trip Planner, also providing bike racks on the front of each of their buses, making access even more available to everybody in the Columbus area.

Rideshare and Carpool

There are more options and programs than ever for ridesharing in Columbus. Get connected to share the cost of a ride or commute together in a car/cab/automobile with transportation solutions such as ShareCarpoolWorld, or Go Ohio Commute.

Gohio Commute – Rethink Your Ride from MORPC on Vimeo.


Commuting Alternatives in Columbus

Don’t get down about it. Remember while you had your license; did you feel bad asking who will drive, pick me up, or can we go together? No, of course not.

So do not feel bad now that the court has taken your license away.

Adjust your life, it is ok. A change of scenery is a good thing. These methods of travel can even be fun in the warmer months.

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