Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation

For years many criminal defense attorneys including myself have advertised “Aggressive¬†Criminal Defense Representation.” It’s become something of a cliche’, but what does it really mean?


Twenty Years as an Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus Ohio  aggressive criminal defense lawyerIn twenty years of criminal practice, I’ve had the opportunity to hear many points of view on this topic from a client’s perspective. There’s a perception that the attorney through their connections or their winning record at trial can intimidate the prosecutor and force them to dismiss charges or some other favorable outcome. Clients want to feel good about their choice of attorney and if they feel intimidated by the attorney they assume others will too. This is not really at all how things work.

Prosecutors and judges are elected Columbus officials with broad immunities and statutory powers. You can’t just make them do anything by reputation. They may allow you some latitude in defending your client based on your track record for honesty and your years of experience handling cases with them but they certainly aren’t going to do anything for you out of fear or intimidation.

I’m well known for my persistence and have been referred to by court personnel as a “Bulldog.”

How Does An Attorney Represent Someone Aggressively?

Columbus Ohio aggressive defense attorneySo then, how does an attorney represent someone “aggressively?” What aggressive representation means to me is exploring all possibilities, leaving no stone unturned in defense of my client. Sometimes this means just being firm and not taking no for an answer. I’m well known for my persistence and have been referred to by court personnel as a “Bulldog.” I’ve received many compliments over the years from various people associated with the courts for fighting for my clients. They recognize my sincerity and the fact that I take my clients cases seriously. I’ve had the opportunity to represent family and friends of Judges as well as other attorneys and I take this as the highest compliment.

What Does It Mean to Be An Aggressive Defense Attorney?

Aggressive representation also means being open to new ideas and new technologies. It requires being open to opinions and having an array of experts at your disposal. In a nutshell, it means a¬†willingness to explore all possible options to favorably resolve your client’s case and defend their interests, ethically, within the bounds of the law. That’s what aggressive representation means to me.

I’m often asked if I offer any type of guarantee of a favorable resolution to a criminal case. Ethically, I can’t guarantee specific results, but what I can guarantee and even promise is Maximum Effort and “Aggressive” Representation.

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