7 Myths About Ohio DUI and OVI

Columbus Ohio DUI law attorneysWhen picturing a typical DUI/OVI scenario, it might seem pretty cut and dry. Officer pulls you over, you’re asked to walk in a straight line, etc. However, regardless of how common, scenarios have many details and points of action which define a specific case. Ohio DUI and OVI lawyers hear many misconceptions about OVI and DUI laws and charges. Here, we’ll tackle 7 Myths About Ohio DUI’s and OVI’s.


1. You Must Be Drunk To Get An OVI

The thing is, “drunk” is not a legal term. Being guilty of an OVI is defined as one’s blood alcohol level exceeding .08%. So even if you don’t feel “drunk” you can still be convicted of a DUI/OVI. It’s also not a good method to determine whether you should drive based on how drunk you feel.

2. You Must Be Driving To Get A DUI

This might surprise you, but you don’t have to be driving in order to get a DUI charge. In Ohio, the law states that anyone operating a vehicle while under the influence is breaking the law. Even if you are parked with your hand on the wheel, you can be convicted of OVI.

3. You Can’t Be Charged With OVI/DUI When Using Prescribed Medication

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There are many substances that are legally prescribed by a doctor that can hinder your ability to drive a car, including pain relievers, psychiatric drugs, sleep aids, and even cold medicine. Many come with a warning not to operate a vehicle or heavy machinery while using them. Whether or not you’ve become used to how your prescription affects you, you could be held liable for driving your car while on medication.


4. You Can’t Get Arrested If You’re Sober

Even if you pass a field test, it doesn’t necessarily show that you’re sober. If a police officer has probable cause, even if you are sober, you can be taken in for questioning.

5. OVI Is A Minor Offense

Columbus Ohio DUI OVI lawyerThe consequences of an OVI or DUI conviction can wreak havoc on all areas of your life. High fines, losing your license, insurance cost increases, loss of employment opportunities and many other repercussions in your work and personal life as a result of each of these. Your record can follow you when looking for a job with your background check. Colleges also regularly ask about OVI convictions and can bar you from admission because of your DUI.

6. You Should Always Tell Police The Truth

While it’s not advisable to lie to police, you don’t have to tell them everything. You do have the right to remain silent. The Fifth Amendment provides the right from self-incrimination. Walk to your lawyer and they can speak for you.

7. Any Lawyer Can Defend You In A DUI/OVI Conviction

OVI/DUI cases have their own specific needs dealing with complex regulations that require experience and expertise. You will be much better served and represented by an experienced DUI attorney who specializes in this field.

Columbus Ohio OVI/DUI Attorney

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